Welcome to 2021

We at The 4C Coalition will continue to surround our young people with love and the positive attention they so need.

We will continue engaging our communities and bringing the gospel of mentorship to all, we have changed lives!

None of this would be possible without you…our mentors, mentees, our staff, and the amazing funders, foundation, and faith leaders who support our mission.

Hazel Cameron
Executive Director, The 4C Coalition


Dear Seattle Foundation,

At the recommendation of Pamela Kraus and Austin Dahl, we graciously accept this grant in the amount of $2,000. Your donation makes a difference for our community. For over 20 years we have been active in our Seattle community.

We believe in being a positive influence in the lives of developing youth, and we’ve witnessed firsthand how mentoring can effect change at a grassroots level.

Dear Pastor Sees,

Thank you for thinking of Clergy Community for Children Youth Coalition (4C) during these difficult times for youth and families.

Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Church’s donation makes a difference for our community.

Thank you,
Hazel Cameron, Executive Director