Waiting for Justice

Hazel Cameron is Still Waiting for Justice

“I know the pain as a mother as I lost my black son, Glenston Anderson, at the age of 23 due to white men who assaulted him which led to his death,” Hazel explains.
The King County medical examiner ruled Glenn’s death was the result of a beating he suffered in May of 1998, when he and his girlfriend attended a keg party at a park in Central Washington.
Three white men were charged with manslaughter but have yet to stand trial.
Only one of the bullies was convicted of assault after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. He served only four months in custody on nights and weekends while still attending college.
Hazel’s family is still seeking justice for the pain of the loss of their son.
Hazel Cameron is one of the founders, and Executive Director of Seattle’s 4C Coalition Mentoring organization. She is dedicated to the task at hand, raising money, hiring, training, directing staff, and recruiting youth and mentors.
Her work honors Glenn every day, the first born of her three children.
The tragedy of losing her son is what informs her work and inspires her to continue to fight for equal justice for Black youth and families by providing the much-needed support to serve our community.