Covid19 Resources

This list is compiled of links from several community programs, agency lists, websites, and resources.

King County:

Corona Virus information page:

The Community Health Access Program offers telephone assistance with enrolling in various programs such as Apple Health:

United Way of King County

has a very wide-ranging webpage that lists to several relief programs:

Boys and Girls Clubs

As of Friday, March 20, a select number of Boys and Girls Clubs are open (please be sure to check the Boys and Girls website frequently for updates)


A comprehensive list of resources and websites providing information about assistance for Covid 19


An outreach team that works remotely and can help clients fill applications and find resources. To reach them contact either the Help Me Grow WA hotline: 1-800-322-2588 M-Th 8-5:30, F 8-5 or the  Parent Help 123 Benefit Finder:

City of Bellevue:

Comprehensive Community Resource page that includes information about Unemployment, Sick Leave and Family/Medical Leave, Resiliency Resources, Public Health Resources for Businesses, utilities, cellphone and internet service :

City of Seattle: List of information and resources

Seattle School District Offers Lunch and Weekend Meal Supports:

Seattle City Light Payment Plans and Payment Assistance Programs

Free hot spots from Comcast: 

Comcast announced it was opening up approximately 65,000 hot spots for free, public use in Washington state. They are also offering free internet for 60 days for low income families, shipping Wi-Fi routers and increasing speed starting today. hotspots will be spread throughout the state and mainly located in areas like parks or near shopping districts or small businesses. See details here:


Puget Sound Energy Payment Assistance

Seattle City Light Payment Plans and Payment Assistance Programs

Tacoma Public Utilities:


Food Assistance: 

Food Lifeline

815 South 96th Street
Seattle, WA 98108

United for Human Rights

Our mentors live in King County and make a positive difference in a young person’s life

The youth we serve deserve a chance to succeed and thrive. We want them to have the opportunity to attend safe schools, eat healthy food, and surround themselves with adults who care about them and encourage them to reach their full potential. Over the past 15 years, 4C mentoring programs have made great strides in this mission and have proven to be a powerful force for change.


The 4C Way

Founded in 1999, The 4C Coalition is a Seattle-area nonprofit offering evidenced-based programs that incorporate The Elements of Effective Practices for Mentoring. Youth in our programs are matched with mentors from a pool of conscientious adults who seek to share their hard-earned wisdom and engage with young people from a place of genuine interest and respect.

The 4C Mentoring Model is a win for both the mentee and the mentor. We recruit caring adults who long to give back to their communities–to share enriching experiences in a supportive, structured, and non-intimidating environment.

The 4C program follows these JRA mentor guidelines:

We follow the evaluated Juvenile Rehabilitation Administrative (JRA) Mentor Program model, evaluated and conducted by the Washington State Institute of Public Policy.

A mentor is a trusted adult who who completes a screening process and is same-gender matched to their mentee. The mentors volunteer to assist youth in setting and fulfilling educational and vocational goals. When needed, they also encourage and support youths who seek to live a drug- and crime-free lifestyle.

Aimed at developing the young person’s competence and character, a mentor is an adult who–along with a young person’s parents or guardians–provides support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive examples of how to make choices that serve him or her. Mentors are good listeners who care and want to help young people discover strengths that are already present or which need a little cultivation.

Non-parental mentors often provide the only reliable means for socializing the adolescent into the values of the adult world versus the values of the Internet, Facebook, or teen-centered media.

“Huskies carve out time in hectic schedules to become mentors and volunteers.”

“Thank you to these amazing young men”… Hazel Cameron, 4C Executive Director Jojo McIntosh and Myles Gaskin at 4C Coalition


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