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Mentoring offers hope

Mentoring is a structured, trusting relationship that has been proven to work. Our mentoring program pairs young people with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement on a weekly basis. Consistent mentoring helps develop a youth’s competence, confidence and character.

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Mentoring provides results

Mentoring has been proven to reduce recidivism, increases pro-social activities, and increases a youth’s connection to school and career.  In fact, research shows that mentoring programs have reduced first-time drug use by almost half; cut first-time alcohol use by a third, and improved family and peer relationships.

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Our mentors are like you

Our mentors often come from the same community or neighborhoods as the youth they mentor.  They are committed to being an agent for change, helping a young person achieve his or her full potential. Quality mentoring has a powerful, positive and lasting effect on young people in many ways—personal, academic and professional.

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I mentor because…
“A mentor has to learn as you go along. I can’t give you a map or a book that can lead you down the path, you have to play it by ear. Oftentimes, they just need someone to talk to. The important thing is to be there for them.”        

Gary Tillery — 4C Coalition mentor