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group mentoring

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring pairs at-risk youth with one or more adult mentors in a group setting that is gender-specific. The group approach allows us to serve youth who are waiting for a one-on-one mentor, ensuring they get the support and encouragement they need — when they need it.

Learn how group mentoring can fill a gap.

One on One mentoring

One-on-one Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring matches a Black youth with a compassionate and caring Black adult of the same gender. Mentors agree to serve in the program for at least one year, building up a mentor-mentee relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

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Tutoring can turn a life around. This one-on-one program provides a personalized level of instruction and interaction that is not available in a classroom setting. Tutors provide support in many critical skill areas, such as math, science and reading, and can make the difference between a student who is engaged and positive and one who struggles during the academic year.

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I mentor because…
“Mentoring Andrea has been an incredible experience. I have gotten to know someone who I now consider family, someone who I would drop anything for. It’s a nice feeling knowing that Andrea feels the same way. We are both very grateful to have found each other through the 4C.”

Maggie Dyer — 4C Coalition mentor