India Association of Western Washington supports 4C

The India Association of Western Washington recently donated $2,500 to the 4C Coalition to provide incentives to youth.

“We are blessed beyond words for the support of the people from the India Association who have stepped up to provide tutoring for 4C youth,” said Hazel Cameron, executive director, 4C Coalition. “This wonderful organization and the tutors it provides have been life savers for our youth.”

During the pandemic, many students have gotten behind in their course work and struggled to keep up. Tutors from the India Association have provided support in language arts, math, science and other core classes as well as help students access classes and complete their homework assignments.

Jayshree Krishnan, a former mentor and board member of the 4C Coalition, was instrumental in introducing the 4C Coalition to IAWW. Thank you, Jayshree!

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