Become a Mentor…

Our mentor training program has several components that utilize a combination of proven methods we have learned over the years. These are some of the key aspects of the mentor training:

  • Research-based instruction in role-modeling skills
  • Goal-setting, keeping promises, handling mistakes
  • Acknowledging student accomplishments, guiding them to achieve their goals
  • Maintaining commitments (yours and theirs)

What Mentors Say After Their Commitment is Complete

  • They felt they made a difference
  • Many said the mentor-mentee relationship helped with or prevented problems for a young person
  • They found mentoring immensely satisfying
  • They learned or gained something personally from mentoring
  • They would mentor again or recommend mentoring to a friend

If you are interested in becoming a mentor with the 4C Coalition, download our Mentor Packet, which includes our volunteer application and information. Thank you for your consideration!

Download our Mentor Packet

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