Two of Our Most Prized Long Time Volunteers

Ronald Bolton is pictured with his best friend Roland Akers at the 4C Annual Bonfire.

Ronald Bolton, Goodbye to one of The 4C’s Best Friends

Sadly, Ronald Bolton passed away recently.
Ronald worked with 4C as a Mentor Coordinator, a Roving Mentor and Group Mentor Facilitator.

Ron was creative and innovative, loved the young people we serve in 4C and would go beyond the call of duty to serve the youth and community.
We will deeply miss Ronald but know he has transitioned to Heaven.

Hazel Cameron, Executive Director, The 4C Coalition


Roland Akers

“There are no big I’s and little U’s.”

We are sad to report that Roland Akers passed away last month. Twenty years ago, Roland was key to helping establish the 4C Coalition mentoring program.

From Roland’s friends:

“He always had a moment and a hug for our children and helped us through the sadness of losing a child.”

“He was a pillar in the community for Recovery and a tireless ‘servant’ for all youth in the juvenile justice system. He will be missed and is un-replaceable!”

“Roland never met a person who wasn’t family. I recall meeting him for lunch once and before we left the restaurant at least five people stopped at our table or stopped him for a word, a handshake, a bit of advice or to share good news.”

“Roland Akers was as talented as they come. I remember his days on the basketball court in high school, then on to college. “

“Roland Akers has influenced most of the black men I grew up with in Seattle. Not only that if you’re from the town he knew your mama, daddy, and then some.”

“His wisdom and experience are a great loss to the community. He’s aboard that heaven bound train now and we will reunite one day. R.I.P.”

Don & Hazel Cameron’s remarks:

“Like all of you, this has been a very emotional time for Hazel and I. Grief is hard and losing a friend takes a toll. Our friendship and bond with Roland grew around a belief in service, giving, family and mentoring.

He was through and through a community organizer, an activist, an advocate and a fighter. Even as his health began to suffer, he fought. He fought for the youth of this city, he fought for his children, his grandchildren and the community he saw as family.

Words cannot explain the deep loss Hazel and I feel … we know he is with God; His body has left us but as Hazel said his spirt lives with us today and always.

I’m blessed to have known such a man who added to our lives in so many ways. Hazel said I still hear his voice fighting on. Now we tell him, Roland rest, we will miss you, we will meet again, and we will continue the fight for you. We will keep our family whole as we know you are whole now.”

A list of Roland’s activities and accomplishments include:

  • King County Superior Court Community Fellow;
  • Volunteer working with several churches in the Seattle area on how to better serve youth in the juvenile justice system;
  • AAU basketball coach;
  • Drug and alcohol counselor at JRA;
  • Provided drug alcohol groups for youth on parole;
  • Chemical Dependency Programs Specialist, doing outreach with families as well as gang intervention;
  • Recruiter of faith-based community to be involved in mentoring and community building;
  • Trainer in mentorship program with focus on working with juvenile justice youth and impact of drugs and alcohol;

Note: We have grown to know Roland’s grandson DeShaun, and see him grow into the strong young man we know today. DeShaun participated in our 4C Group Mentoring program, and is currently in college.